Pizza Delivery – FAQs

How do I order?

Browse the menu and add items to your basket. When you’re ready click ‘checkout’ and you’ll be directed to the checkout page where we ask for delivery & payment details.

When can I order?

Order anytime – either in advance or on the day. We accept bookings up until 11am for same day delivery. We strongly recommend booking early in the week as delivery slots are limited, especially at the weekend.

Is there a minimum order value?

Yes, the minimum order is £15.

Where do you deliver to?

Danbury, Little Baddow, Sandon, Howe Green and Bicknacre.

How much is delivery?

Free to local villages. A charge will be applied to distances more than 3 miles.

What are delivery slots?

We can only achieve a limited number of deliveries each night. Deliveries are allocated into hourly slots and customers are asked to choose a delivery slot when ordering. If a slot is already full (all deliveries taken) then you may need to choose an earlier or later time. Once all slots are full, we stop accepting orders for that evening.

Can you guarantee my delivery time?

We aim to deliver all orders within your chosen time slot but please be understanding if a delivery is late. We’ll phone if we’re running late and let you know the new expected delivery time.

How can I pay?

Due to Covid-19 all orders must be pre-paid using debit or credit card. No cash or ‘payment on delivery’ options are available at present.

Is it safe paying on your website?

We use Stripe Payment Gateway to accept cards, which is recognised as a secure means to pay for goods and services online. Our website uses SSL authentication to encrypt and authenticate your details. You’ll notice a small padlock next to our web address meaning we’re a secure, trusted website. So yes, very safe.

How does contactless delivery work?

We’ll deliver your order to your doorstep or a designated place – which can be specified when ordering. The driver will notify you and then step back 2m away from your door. Once you’ve taken your order from the delivery bag the driver will wait for you to close your door and then retrieve the bag. Bags are sanitised between each delivery for both yours and our safety.

Can my food go missing?

No, our driver will leave your food on the doorstep or in your designated delivery place and wait for you to collect the items.

Where can I see the menu?

Or click here…..

Can I make changes to my pizza?

We’re happy to remove toppings from a pizza choice but are unable to add extra or alternative toppings for the time being. Please tell us what you’d like removing in the additional comments box when going through checkout.

I’ve completed checkout but made a mistake, or I want to change my order?

Call us on 01245 409825 and we’ll do our best to sort things out.

What if I need to cancel my order

Call us on 01245 409825 and we can issue a refund. Please note there is a £1.50 cancellation fee.

How can I contact you about my order?

Email or alternatively call 01245 409825.

For further information and enquiries about Lot 33 pizza delivery or our event catering services, please use the contact form.